Steinbach has been producing the highest quality German folk art for the last 180 years.  Karla Steinbach is currently in charge of the company and she is a 6th generation Steinbach to do so.

Linden wood is the preferred type of wood used to make nutcrackers and German smokers.  The rough cut lumber is delivered freshly harvested to the factories.  The wood is then allowed to dry to a specific moisture content to create a thermally stable finish product.

A typical nutcracker can have up to 150 different parts.  Each is individually turned, cut, sanded and stained or painted.  A piece can take 6 weeks to create from beginning to end.  Each factory employs groups of turners working on the lathe, carpenters, painters, artist, printers and tailors.  Each piece is designed and created to have the signature Steinbach look and even an untrained eye can spot a Steinbach by just a quick glance at the figure’s face.

Approximately 80% of the nutcrackers and smokers produced at the two Steinbach factories are exported to the USA.  Karla Steinbach makes a few trips each year to the USA to meet with collectors and vendors.

Types of Steinbach Nutcrackers

  • Mini Nutcrackers
  • Limited Edition Nutcrackers
  • Chubby Nutcrackers
  • Troll Nutcrackers
  • Elf Nutcrackers
  • Santa Legends Series
  • American themed Nutcrackers: Uncle Sam, American presidents, Chieftains, and Civil war generals.
  • Nutcracker Series include Wizard of Oz characters, Disney characters, Starwars characters (including Darth Vader), Christmas Carol Series, and many more.

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